Van Chase Shift Knobs


Van Chase Studios.

We are exclusive agents for this Awesome range of shift knobs! All Shift Knobs are cast from high quality urethane, paint finishes are hand-airbrushed and paintbrush detailed with “Sickens Automotive Urethane Finishes” then clear coated just like your car.

All come with a 3/16″ pilot hole, and can be drilled, tapped, threaded, or machined to fit any and all items as well as your cars shifter, so you can use them as display items, trophy toppers, bonnet emblems and more!.

Amazing intricate detail!.

When ordering let us know what size thread your stick is and we’ll supply the adaptor/ lock nut.
Prices vary between various designs, please call or email for details.

NOTICE (12-09-16). New stocks of these have been coming in DRILLED. When ordering, please check that the one you want has the correct thread insert supplied. (if required). Thanks.