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Pete’s T Roadster came in to us as an unfinished project looking for a bunch of build & fab work to be completed. From cycle fenders, body mounts, windscreen making and mounting, lights, indicators, brake work, steering, suspension, fuel tank & interior work! Our Chief fabricator Craig knows everything there is to know about building and licencing hot rods in Perth, so he worked his way through this one from front to back and top to bottom. The car is now ready for 2nd inspection and waiting for the tilt tray to take it for a ride home!

Have you got a project that needs a helping hand, or if time is your enemy, pop in for a chat or gives us a call. The boys can even make a time to come to you and check out what you’ve got and what you need done. At Armadale Auto Parts, we understand that not everyone can do everything and we enjoy helping out with projects and builds, so you’ll get the advice and support you need right here!