Brookville Roadster


Brookville Roadster have been building 1928-32 Ford reproduction bodies and parts for over 30 years. As the industry leader in reproduction 1928-32 Ford replacement parts they’ve become world famous for their quality and customer service. Brookville Roadster has been awarded several industry awards and sets the standards for today‚Äôs street rod industry. They manufacture 7 different all steel 28-32 roadster, roadster pickup and coupe bodies and Armadale Auto Parts sells them all. Whether you are looking for a patch panel, body panel, chassis, body, or a complete car, Brookville Roadster is your hot rod headquarters for Steel Bodies and we’ve been dealing with them for years! Check out our build of Butch Leich’s Awesome Bare Metal Brookville 32 Roadster Pickup! An award winning car, built Completely in house at Armadale Auto Parts!

For Brookville in Perth, it Has to be Armadale Auto Parts! From one patch panel to an entire car, call us for your Street Rod Metal.

Note; with many choices comes many prices but as a rough guide you could be looking at around 20 to 21k for a Brookville Body landed in Perth. Yes they’re not cheap, but if they were, everyone would have one. Once you factor in American steel & build prices, secure packing, shipping & transport, taxes, exchange rates, insurance, import duties etc, you see why. We ship Australia wide and have sold many of these bodies to very happy customers over the past 16 years, ask for a quote to your destination.