Power Window Kits.


Being a builder of Hot Rods, we know that you’re limited for space inside a closed body car and that even applies to inside the door cavities. That’s one reason why we’ve sourced these nifty little power window kits for use on your coupe, tudor, pick-up and more. The motor can be moved to various locations inside your door, giving you the flexibility to mount speakers, door mechanisms and other hardware in the places where it really needs to be. This beautifully simplistic design does away with the need for bulky criss-cross regulators and crazy looking contraptions with long drive belts, by powering the window up and down on a central track by worm drive like a Linear Actuator, whilst allowing the glass to slide inside the bailey channels of your doors for guidance. We use these kits in our customers car builds here, as well as in our own cars, so you can be sure these parts are tested and trusted! Not only that, they’re very affordable too!

Power Window Kit will work for all windows with flat glass only that go straight up and down and that are between 6″ and 24″. Sold in pairs so one Kit will do 2 doors and comes with wiring and switches. Does not include glass.
Note: Kit for FLAT GLASS windows ONLY.

When ordering, ask about the replacement switch kit that allows you to use your original crank handles in their original location, so everything still looks standard. Great for vintage cars, restoration, or modification on an existing vehicle.

Available Now from Armadale Auto Parts.